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Details for Western Union

First, go to this web to find local agent banks: and provide below info to the clerk of the agent bank or company:

Beneficiary's First name: Najihah

Beneficiary's Last name: Jamil

Beneficiary's Full name: Najihah binti Jamil

Postcode: 45500 

Address: No. 45, Jalan Satu, Taman Sri Tanjung, Tanjong Karang, Selangor. 

Tel: +60163153676(Mobile phone, can receive SMS) 

After you have paid, please email ( us the info you have provided to the bank:

From Country: 




Sender's(Your) First Name: 

Sender's(Your) Last Name: 

Sender's(Your) Full Name: 

The ABOVE INFO *MUST* be exactly the same to the info you put down on the receipt from the bank/agent. 

We can withdraw money if we know all the above info. Thank you.

You are stongly recommended to send the scanned photo of the receipt via email.

Details for paypal

We accept paypal as a primary payment method for International Customer and as an alternative payment method for Domestic Customer

Our paypal account is

For Domestic Customer

Please add up 4.5% + RM2 to your total payment.

For International Customer

Please add up 3.9% + RM2 to your total payment.

Once you have made payment, please email us:

Transaction ID: 

Your paypal email:

*You can request for how to make payment by other method*

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